MoPub Explains Beginner’s Luck in Mobile Ads

If you’ve been considering putting ads in your app and haven’t yet pulled the trigger, MoPub gives you some good reasons to do so. MoPub is Twitter’s huge mobile ad exchange, composed mostly of in-app inventory. Their recent Mobile Programmatic Trends Report had some interesting tidbits for new publishers.

MoPub found that brand new inventory on their exchange in the third quarter got far better results than is typical for older apps. New apps received 186% higher click-through rates, which led to 67% higher eCPMs than older apps received. If you haven’t launched ads in your app yet, then you missed the holiday rush. That’s a shame because Q4 is huge for publishers just like it is for retailers.

However, there are other upcoming events that will help you cash in. Big sports events tend to drive a lot of advertiser spend on in-app advertising and one of the biggest is the Super Bowl.

If you can get your ads in place now, you’ll likely be rewarded during the big game with high fill rates and eCPMs, particularly if you have an app with ad space that is brand new to the exchange. And if you miss that, Valentine’s Day and March Madness are other Q1 events that can also drive ad spending.

You can get a similar effect in terms of increased performance with new ad units, even if the app isn’t new to the exchange. Basically, whenever ads are located in a new spot, the click-through rate is initially higher and you can cash in on that.

That’s particularly true of ads on an exchange, because the buyers on an exchange are very sensitive to click-through rate. It’s the easiest success metric to track so it carries a lot of weight (too much, IMO) on the exchange.